Dressage Professionals

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We believe that Dressage Professionals are more than horse trainers. We encourage our professionals to be coaches, cheerleaders, educators, and advocates for every student that they come in contact with.  

We seek professionals that value the physical and mental well being of the horse over winning and less-than-sound practices in the show ring.

Here at Dressage on a Dime, we are continually seeking better ways to help our professionals educate.  Providing a solid foundation of knowledge for students is just as important as providing a solid foundation of training for horses.

The language used in dressage can be complex and sometimes overwhelming.  Here at Dressage on a Dime, we specialize in helping trainers and coaches relate to their students and gain a better understanding of how students learn.

  • We will simplify the concept of dressage without minimizing the importance of the training pyramid nor sacrificing the principles that are fundamental to classical dressage.Cathydrummdressage
  • We will provide opportunities for professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise
  • We will provide a safe place for coaches and trainers to ask questions and learn from each other.
  • We will provide access to classical horsemanship training to students who do not have quality instructors in their area.


Professional Members are listed alphabetically by last name in each region.  Click on the name of the professional to learn more about what he/she offers:
Regional Map