New for 2018 - Dressage on a Dime Tests - 6 tests per level!

Dressage on a Dime Tests are all about making dressage more accessible for everyone!

All levels may be ridden in a large (20 x 60m) or small (20 x 40m) court.

DOD tests are designed for people working at home, many of which do not have access to a large arena (20 x 60m) and instead can set up the small court.

Dressage on a Dime Tests are judged under the NAWD OBJECTIVE JUDGING SYSTEM  This scale provides consistency and uniformity across NAWD Six Feet on the Ground, NAWD Long-Reining, Western Dressage, NAWD Dressage on a Dime, Ranch Horse Western Dressage, and NAWD All-Around Freestyle. All of these programs, with the exception of Ranch Horse, are open to dressage riders as well.

NAWD Tests are carefully designed to be progressive - each test builds on the last and we recommend that you ride all of the tests within each level in the order that they are given and achieve a score of 65% or higher before moving on to the next.

Truth in Scoring:
Judges for the NAWD Tests in the virtual shows are allowed to rewind and are encouraged to provide an in-depth analysis in the comments of the scoresheets.