Dressage on a Dime Leadership Team

Meet our Dressage on a Dime leadership team!

Coeli Netsky
Committee Chair
Coeli Netsky is a Licensed Judge with Dressage On A Dime , North American Western Dressage, and the Open Horse Show Association , where she serves as a mentor also for the OHSA Judges Program  .

Coeli is a Certified Instructor with the American Riding Instructors Association and their New Jersey State Representative and Test Administrator . Coeli has been teaching , judging and conducting clinic's for over 35 + years in New Jersey , Pennsylvania , Maryland and Florida . In 2001 the ARIA awarded Coeli  " National Instructor Of The Year " , in 2007 and 2009 she was awarded "Top 50 Riding Instructors In The United States " . Coeli continues  her judges education with DOD , NAWD and is looking forward to auditing the United Stated Dressage Federation "L" Program in the near future .  Coeli is proud to be part of these groups that support correct training to protect the horses health and welfare . Coeli is dedicated to education and is very excited to be the Chairman of the Dressage On A Dime Program .

Stephanie Burgess
Stephanie Burgess is a licensed judge with Dressage on a Dime and North American Western Dressage.
Stephanie is not only a riding instructor, but a student herself.
Stephanie pushes herself to set the example of a dedicated equestrian for all of her students, both young and old. Stephanie enrolled in the United Stated Dressage Federation “L” education program in October 2015, and graduated the program with distinction in October 2016.

Stephanie's goal this year is to achieve her last two scores 65% or higher at 4th level or above to be accepted into the United States Equestrian Federation's USEF “r” judging program! It’s been an exciting journey and an endless education.

Carole CurleyCarole Curley

My belief is that any horse, in any discipline, can benefit from basic dressage training, using positive training methods without force. 

I have 40 years of experience with horses in many disciplines.  I am certified to teach Jane Savoie's methods of dressage training and instruction.  I have ridden in clinics with Bettina Drummond, Sally Swift, Eric Smiley, Todd Fletrich and Max Gahwyler.  I have spent many hours auditing with masters such as Walter Zettl and Steffen Peters.  My teaching philosophy is based on classical principles and proper biomechanics.  I continuously study new information on training and the science of riding with particular interest in the methods of Thomas & Shana Ritter, Manolo Mendez, Sylvia Loch, and Jean Luc Cornille.

I am passionate about both classical dressage and rider education.  My career as an engineer and manager has given me a unique perspective on solving problems.  I started my company, Effective Equestrian, LLC in 2011 to focus on helping riders train happy, healthy horses and enjoy the process of doing so.  

Toni Teschner Dressage on a Dime Leadership TeamToni Teschner
Toni Teschner is a lifetime student of the horse. Her diverse background has been shaped by the desire to unite horses and people.  

Toni's experience in the professional horse world began in 2004 at the age of 18, when she became a certified therapeutic riding instructor, as well as began teaching horsemanship to able-bodied students. In this time her focus was on enhancing the biomechanics of the rider mainly, as well as addressing horse and human behavior using natural horsemanship principals.

Shortly after becoming a riding instructor, due to her own horse's lameness issues, she delved into a mentorship to learn everything that she could about hoof rehab and farrier science. Many years later, she continues to learn from a variety of mentors, and continues to grow her skill-set to help horses become sound and happy on their feet using composite materials when needed.
Amidst all of that she has been in and out of the local dressage community, successfully competing at lower levels. In 2014 she decided to immerse herself in the study of classical horsemanship as she found that is her true passion in dressage. She has had the opportunity and honor of studying with great masters of this work, and aspires to revive this dying art-form by sharing it with others.

Toni truly is a steward of the horse, and her life's work is geared toward sharing her passion for healing, horse-human connection, and art form-dressage, in an effort to enhance the lives of horses and humans alike.

Danielle Koeppen Dressage on a Dime Leadership TeamDanielle Koeppen
Danielle is a licensed judge with Dressage on a Dime and North American Western Dressage.

As a trainer and instructor, Danielle has spent over 25 years pursuing her passion for Dressage. Along this journey Danielle has also been introduced to natural horsemanship and has blended it in to her dressage training program to achieve a more harmonious partnership for every horse. Danielle has achieved her United Stated Dressage Federation rider performance awards & is working on completing her United Stated Dressage Federation Medals.  She has worked with Madeleine Austin, Bo Jena, Michelle Gibson, Jane Savoie, Amy Larson, Tom Nagel, Vaughn Knudsen. Jasper Beck, Kelly Underhill, Alison Sader Larson.

Danielle is also a certified equine massage therapist. This greater understanding of the horse's body and biomechanics allows for a program that takes the whole horse into account and supports Danielle's passion for a happier equine athlete

Lynn Stokking Dressage on a Dime Leadership TeamLynn Stokking
Beginning with a retired British Cavalry colonel in the late 1960's, my exposure to horsemanship was all about the horse comes first and correct riding made for a happy healthy horse. 
As a trainer, competitor, schooling show judge and overall equestrian educator, my experience covers over 40 years.

Seeking the education from the best of the best has been paramount for me over these many years and my passion for learning and educating is unceasing.  I've recognized that by educating myself in as many disciplines as possible, my view of horsemanship as a whole is panoramic rather than narrow. Good horsemen/women all look for what's best for the horses.

The Dressage on a Dime Leadership Team has the mission of promoting and preserving classical dressage through programs administered by North American Western Dressage.  They shall meet bi-monthly and make recommendations to the NAWD Executive Committee.