Dressage on a Dime Mission

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The Mission of Dressage on a Dime is to provide resources and support for both the amateur and professional that believe in the classical principles of dressage: a worldwide network of trainers, judges, instructors and riders who put the horse first.

We will use the highly effective power of video in our effort to give everyone, regardless of location or transportation, affordable, casual, and fun opportunities in the field of dressage training and competition Our virtual shows will offer worldwide competition and recognition opportunities. In addition to our virtual show format, we also offer our Coach's Corral program which provides affordable, quality coaching without the need to leave your personal arena.

Dressage on a Dime upholds classical principles. While today's modern dressage world is plagued by questionable training principles, rollkur, and LDR(low­deep­round); in the Dressage on a Dime Program, our educational opportunities teach and reward the benefits of the true classical path; slow, progressive training which promotes long­term soundness and a happy, willing horses who enjoy their work.

Dressage on a Dime judges are carefully chosen for their ability to see and reward movement that is natural for each horse according to his conformation. Our judges reward the rider who shows a light rein contact and whose horse demonstrates true self carriage: horse's who are ridden with their nose slightly in front of the vertical and their poll as the highest point of the neck.

Dressage on a Dime believes classical dressage principles can help every horse become a better partner and improve performance for any discipline, regardless of breed, size, color, talent. We offer all riders an equal opportunity, regardless of age, experience, educational background, or financial status.

We believe that young riders are the future of our industry. We intend to deliver quality educational resources and special privileges to equestrians under the age of 18.

We will educate the public and provide opportunities to compete and receive feedback.  We will provide an open and inviting atmosphere at our events and will emphasize safe and fun competition.