Join the Classical Revolution!

For 10 years, North American Western Dressage has been using the power of video to help Western Dressage riders gain feedback and coaching from the comfort of their own backyards.  In doing so, we have encountered and created friendships with many people in the dressage community.

The Mission of Dressage on a Dime is to provide educational resources and support for a worldwide network of trainers, judges amateurs, and professionals that wish to support classical riding principles.

We are pleased to introduce Dressage on a Dime via social media as a platform for traditional dressage riders interested in virtual exhibition and showcasing the rewards of riding correct for both equine and rider.

Dressage on a Dime will reward and embrace horses that move in a natural and classical way.  Horses that are behind the vertical and show evidence of being trained with less-than-classical methods such as rollkur and low-deep-round techniques will be penalized.

Our judges are carefully chosen for their knowledge of the science of equine biomechanics and classical training.  We oversee them carefully to ensure that each test is judged in a manner that is educational and informative for each rider, and that they adhere to classical principles of horsemanship.

Virtual showing is the way of the future! Riders are discovering that they can save time and money by showing from the comfort of their own backyard, boarding facility, or a local host barn. They are finding that it is a great benefit to be able to review their videos and learn from one another.